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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L4yer Cak3: A Mini Review Experiment

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Daniel Craig is about to retire from the cocaine business, as we get an overview of how gang business used to be in the old times. There's some classiness and fusion going on as well as golf clubs and lots of delicious chocolate cake. Pills are the mainstream thing and Oxford chemistry students are queuing to cut cocaine, in order to pay their gigantic back-log of tuition fees (how very appropriate for today). 

Some newcomers and some old stories mix and mesh, Daniel finds out he was duped by his Middle Eastern laundry-man and being 10 million out of pocket, and since he was given one last job anyway, he decides that it's going to be ok to hire some of his old pals to assassinate someone, kill someone else himself (queue some more fusion and pills) and of all the things mess with the Serbian meth cartels. 

The newcomers die, in entertaining though deserved ways, Daniel finally meets the right man, who also appears to be several decades older than him. The man gives him a speech about cake and fecal matter, which is only a large build-up to telling him why he's not getting paid, but should instead consider himself wealthy for the experience.

Having recounted the immensity of his poverty and having now been fucked over innumerable times by friends and enemies alike, Daniel decides that the logical thing to do would be to go even further into the business, by taking over the drug-lording based at said classy golf-club, since he himself vacated the position (or not?). Lisa Gerrard sings Aria, some more chocolate cake is had, then a guy shoots him in the lung. 

As the movie ends, we see Daniel's gang has made a classic hit on a delivery vehicle, showing us that nothing has really changed in the mobster world.

Oh and he gets the girl. What girl? Believe me, it doesn't matter. 


  1. Loved this movie, have watched it many times!

  2. yea its proper good eh... love the del boy esq dealer in it xD

  3. I haven't seen this, or heard of it. Which surprises me in a way, because my Hubby watches almost every movie ever made, good or bad.

  4. "British porn involving garters
    and heavy lifting." lol

    the movie sounds interesting

  5. Sounds interesting, might need a watch! :D

  6. Seen this before, i thought it was a let down

  7. I don't know what to think about this...

  8. Saw this ages ago, wasn't this the one where Daniel Craigs characters name wasnt revealed ?
    Good film though !

  9. That's why I reffer to him as Daniel. I guess none of us are as smart as him...

  10. Fairly sure I have this twice in my collection.. nicely reviewed as well!

  11. It really is a good film good info.

  12. Fuq!!! I hated this movie. So glad when it was over.


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