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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Mellow Top 23: No Harsh Allowed!

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Ok, let me break the fourth wall for you for a minute. I'm a smoker. I smoke about 15-20 cigarettes a day. That's on a happy day. On a not-so-happy day I need my nicotine like Godzilla needs its skyscraper-smash. 

Today is: 
1st: Not a happy day.
2nd: I am out of cigarettes.

So, you may ask yourselves, my fellow readers: Wut nao??? Given that it's a Sunday and every shop in a hundred mile radius is closed, there is no hope of me getting cigarettes, till tomorrow. SO provided that I can barely think about anything without raging to high heavens, today's post will simply be a list of my all time favourite PC Games, ever. The rules are simple: 

1st: If a game comes to mind before another game it DESERVES to be higher in the list.
2nd: If a game is omitted from the list after the list is completed, it DESERVES to be out of the list. 

So without further adieu, here is my Top 'WHATEVER' List of PC Games:

1: Fallout 2
2: Half-Life: Opposing Force
2: NFS: Porsche 2000
3: Arcanum of Steamwork and Magic Obscura
4: Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
5: World of Warcraft
6: Minecraft
7: Carmageddon 2
8: Diablo
9: Star Craft
10: Age of Empires: Age of Titans
11: Heroes 3: In the Wake of Gods
12: King's Quest: Romancing the Stones (a remake)
13: Revolt
14: Lego Racer
15: CoD: Modern Warfare
16: That One Indie Mario Re-Make That was Genuinely Fun
17: Sven: Bollocks (or whatever the title was - something in German)
18: Half-Life: Counter Strike: 1.6
19: Half-Life 2
20: Heavy Metal: FAKK
21: ONI: Bionic Something or Other 
22: uuuuhmm.... that robot guy.... Deus Ex! Yes, I got it. Does it count if I've only played the first two levels? Nobody cares past number 10 in a Tops list anyway....
23: Minesweeper - Why? Because Hell, when you get your first desk job and your PC has been scrubbed clean of everything that might be considered enjoyable, by IT. When they have removed the clip-art graphics from Microsoft Word, but then some unknown HERO OF THE AGES has left a secret folder stuck up behind fifteen layers of useless outdated memos and training protocols, containing a cracked version of Minesweeper. That's when you'll know why!

That is all.


  1. Minesweeper totally rules. Great post, following you now!

  2. They're all good games.

  3. Nice world of warcraft used to be fun, I dont like the new expansions though

  4. Not trying to hate or anything, but you should quit smoking. Besides that, nice list. I love SC2 and D2.

  5. Amazing games list, I love all the same ones haha

  6. NFS Porsche - classic game


  7. Have you tried nicotine lozenges? My friend likes to try them out. Followed for your badass list btw.

  8. warcraft! gah! why must you panda!? ><

  9. Ah, Kings Quest. The best of which was Kings Quest 6 (and let's not forget all the other Quest games, e.g., Space Quest, Police Quest, etc.)

  10. is Postal 3 out yet? haven't really followed it much.

  11. You seem to have confused HL2 with the original, superior Half-Life!


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