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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Archer: New Animated TV series on FOX

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Archer is a new animated TV series on FOX, that according to its creators should be a mix of James Bond meets Charlie Sheen. The simmilarities with the famous secret agent aside, Archer is a playboy of 'epic' proportions according to his own oppinion, and the show does a pretty good job making fun of both the stereotypes of the 007 thriller and the infamous 'player' and womanizer.

The running gags in the show are pretty standard for the format, we've got the mad scientist that's aquired a but of a darker taste for disturbingly unnatural experiments, we've got the nymphomaniac secretary and the gossiping head of HR. Also a nerdy accountant, that somewhat resembles Wilson from House MD. And of course we have Archer whose mother is the head of the agency - somewhat of an Anna Wintour character that's drunk with power and a habitual drinker.

Every episode is a deconstruction of the tropes that build up action thrillers, Archer usually gets himself in some sort of trouble, because he's too obsessed with his own macho image to care about his work. Then his empowered female counterpart has to get him out, while every now and again she proceeds to shoot him in the foot when his chauvinistic ways get the better of him.

The show is set in today's world so the characters go through a lot of the motions you'd expect from a bunch of 2012 people trying to keep up the appearance of an 80s secret spy agency. In one of the episodes the characters go on a strike with regards to a cost of living adjustment to their salary, in another the agency almost gets sold to a rival.

All in all it's a nice show if you're tired of watching the usual FOX round-up of Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show. It's definitely something new, the visual style reminds me more of a graphic novel, than the usual cartoonish look of the above shows. I'll definitely keep watching even if only to take my mind off of Seth McFarlane doing everything he can to run Family Guy in the ground. 


  1. Archer does look pretty good to me, the kind of thing I could enjoy.

  2. Sounds good and if any show is peppered with spoof, I dont need an invite. "Everyone will be exposed". James Bond is the most ridiculous spy of alltime with all his flings with married woman and gadgets which he throws away after every op.

  3. I didn't realise this show was so new! I heard about it last year and assumed it had been on for a while! I still haven't checked it out but I should!!

  4. Arches sounds great, I should start watching this!

  5. Huh, not sure if I like this kind of show.


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