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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cruel Intentions (1999): Sarah Michelle Gellar is a Bad Bad girl

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Cruel Intentions is a 1999 drama with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon. The movie follows the lives of four college students, the wealthy and powerful Kathryn Merteuil who recruits her step brother, Sebastian, to take revenge on her ex by seducing the girl he dumped her for (the overprotected daughter of high-class parents). Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) refuses as he has plans to pursue the dedicated virgin, Annette(Reese Witherspoon), instead as his own personal project. 

The story gets twisted when Kathryn offers her step-brother a bet. If he can't get in bed with the puritan Cecile (Selma Blair) Kathryn gets his vintage Jaguar, if he can succeed in his mission - he gets Kathryn. From then on it's a wild game of trickery and charm and some unexpected twists and turns. Who ends up with whom is a matter of great plotting, and for love to find its way in the whole twisted conspiracy something extraordinary will have to happen between the cold, distant and playboy-ish Sebastian and the more reserved Annette.

This movie is a classic for the nineties and I recently watched it again, after more than ten years. I definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested in the classy although often downright evil plotting and scheming between the overly-wealthy and bored inhabitants of high society.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, sounds great.

  2. I actually really never knew of anything Sarah was in besides Buffy. And I call myself a child of the 90's. Sheesh.

  3. It actually sounds pretty interesting, I'll have to put this one onto my list.


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