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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diablo 3: Armour Sets Preview

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With Diablo 3 coming out on the 15th of May, it's time to take a look at the armour sets that will be available in the game. They all look pretty epic, keep in mind that these are dyes of one armour set per class. There is bound to be more options.

In the D3 Beta for example each class of gear comes with a different visual style. That is a studded leather vest looks entirely different from a wizard's robe. There's bound to be more variability in the end-game content but these are the ones that are available for now.

If you want to skip all the recolours, keep on clicking on the right-most thumbnail in the album. You'll get through the list quicker and won't have to see ten versions of the same model.

Ultimately what I'm eager to see in the game is the unique-level gear. I have some fond memories of finding unique items in Diablo 2 that came with their own unique 3D model. Names that come to mind would be Undead Crown, Lidless Wall, the Brain Hew great axe. Some of the best 2D art on the items was also reserved for the unique-level gear. 


  1. Pretty cool looking, and another reason for me to buy this game :).

  2. can't wait. I played sooooo much D2. And I agree with the unique item art. I hope they keep that idea going. And the set item auras too

  3. This armours looks awesome!

  4. Well no matter my thoughts on Blizzard, or Diablo, I can always agree that their artwork and armour sets typically look amazeballs.

  5. every night i go to sleep holding and furiously tugging my man parts over this game
    shame it comes out 3 weeks before my exams

  6. Like the details and designs in the armor. Hope they put as much thought in the game mechanics and story.

  7. I just hope that there isn't day 1 DLC like with Mass Effect.

  8. Interesting looking armor sets

  9. Not gonna lie, they look pretty shitty.

  10. There is bound to be more options.

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